Watch The Incredible Kung Fu Master Online
Sammo Hung Kam-Bo, Wei Tung, Cecilia Wong, Phillip Ko, Hoi Sang Lee, Hoi Mang, Chin-Lai Sung, Fat Chung, Ha Huang, Lung Chan, Billy Chan, Ming-Wai Chan, Shih-Ou Chang, Chok Chow Cheung, Wah Cheung
Tung Cho 'Joe' Cheung
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In a small town somewhere in 19th-century China, two brothers, each using their own particular style of martial arts, defeat a bully of a fighter who is terrorizing the town. In the ensuing celebration, a debate among the townspeople arises over which of the brothers has the best style, and the brothers become bitter rivals, neither of which is willing to admit that the other is his equal. Each sets up a martial arts school in the town. Years pass. A rich stranger comes to town with his two sons, and he places them in the two martial arts schools: One son in one school, and the other son in the other school. He vows to return in two years to test their knowledge. Meanwhile: Kung Fu Ching is a local boy in the town, and Ching is an unabashed martial arts fanatic who is trying to develop his own style of kung fu. He meets up with a wandering winemaker who also knows a lot of kung fu, and who encourages Ching to study more than one style of martial arts. Ching begins attending the ...
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