Watch Le portrait de petite cossette Online
Johnny Yong Bosch, Dorothy Elias-Fahn, Ikumi Fujiwara, Rei Igarashi, Marina Inoue, Wendee Lee, Michelle Ruff, Mitsuki Saiga, Megumi Toyoguchi, Kumiko Yokote
Akiyuki Shinbo
IMDB Rating
Eiri, a talented art student, works part-time in an antique shop in a quiet part of town. One afternoon, he uncovers a delicate Venetian glass that holds a startling secret. When Eiri peers into the glass, he can see a young blond girl, her life playing out like a movie solely for him to see. Curious, he stares into the glass, hoping to learn more about the enchanting girl inside. She is Cossette, a mysterious beauty who haunts the glass, waiting 250 years for someone to finally see her, and set her free. Eiri is soon obsessed with Cossette, determined to do anything he can to help her. Will Eiri see past all the illusions and discover the tragic truth about Cossette, or will he be consumed by anguish and obsession?
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