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Gary Cairns, Dylan Vigus, Matthew Thompson, James Lee Martinec, Chad Mountain, Jerry G. Angelo, Kelly Musson, Barry J. Ratcliffe, Eugenia Care, David Huynh, David Dortch, David Alan Graf, Terrell Byrd, Parker Baltimore, Mercy Baron
Cory Cataldo
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Will is a misfit who can't catch a break: he's terrorized by his psychotic father at home and taunted by his peers at school. His only solace comes from three classmates who face similar abuse. Without guidance or a sense of purpose, the four friends spend their days getting high and commiserating until they reach a breaking point. With nothing to lose and no escape from the onslaught of ridicule, they decide to unleash their mean streaks in a whirlwind of pranks, partying and -ultimately - destruction. A delirious black comedy, Mad World is a nightmarish, drugged-out vision of growing up in conservative America. Cory Cataldo's directorial debut takes audiences to shocking depths in order to make a bold statement about living in a society where those with the least amount of sanity seem to hold the most power.
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