Watch We Shall Remain: Part II - Tecumseh's Vision Online
Benjamin Bratt, Alex Meraz, Dwier Brown, Michael Greyeyes, Chevez Ezaneh, Mariel Belanger, Billy Merasty, Lawrence Santiago, Colin G. Calloway, R. David Edmunds, Leland Chapin, Thosh Collins, Andew Lyn Jr., Kieran McArthur, Delwin Fiddler Jr.
Ric Burns, Chris Eyre
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From the award-winning PBS series American Experience comes We Shall Remain, the most ambitious primetime television series and media project on Native history ever produced. We Shall Remain will present a multifaceted story of Native ingenuity and perseverance that spans more than three hundred years. The tale of European settlement of North America has been told countless times, but never before from the perspective of the land's original inhabitants. At the heart of the project is a five-part television series that shows how Native peoples adapted and fought back-from the Wampanoags of New England in the 1600s who used their alliance with the English to weaken rival tribes, to the bold new leaders of the 1970s who harnessed the momentum of the civil rights movement to forge a Pan-Indian identity. Each historical episode of We Shall Remain will be paired with a short, contemporary story showing how the past resonates in Native American lives today.
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