Watch The Suspicions of Mr Whicher: Beyond the Pale Online
John Heffernan, Adrian Quinton, Laura Frances-Martin, Raphael Brandman, Tyler Bennett, Paddy Considine, Nancy Carroll, Nicholas Jones, Nicholas Jones, Jack Shalloo, Simon Armstrong, Muzz Khan, Graham Padden, Ellora Torchia, Anthony O'Donnell
David Blair
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Former Home Secretary Edward Shore tells Whicher that his son Charles, recently arrived from India with his family, is being threatened by an Indian called Asim. Whicher learns that Asim was travelling with his younger brother Roshan and was also seen in conversation with a governess, Miss Khan, who tells Whicher that she is concerned for the safety of Roshan. Asim's body is found in the docks and, though relieved, Charles denies any part in the murder. Roshan however visits the Shores and accuses Charles. He is injured in the resultant altercation with Whicher placing him in the care of his landlady Mrs Piper, a trained nurse. Soon afterwards Charles Shore's children are abducted. Haunted by the loss of his own son some years earlier Whicher sets out to find them though he is aware that Charles is holding back information which he must have in order to retrieve the children and solve the case.
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