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Marek Majeský, Monika Hilmerová, Michal Kubovcík, Michal Dlouhý, Pavel Slabý, Ján Jackuliak, Roman Luknár, Pavel Nový, Alice Bendová, Lubomir Burgr, Milan Chalmovský, Michal Havran, Ivana Havranová, Lucia Jarosková, Katka Kurecková
Jonás Karásek
IMDB Rating
Nowadays, information is the most valuable currency. The story follows the background of a political campaign of a presidential candidate. There are two months remaining to the elections. Adam Lambert, a successful and influential owner of an advertising agency, gets a job - to create a political campaign for a peculiar candidate - an indistinctive small-town entrepreneur. The goal is simply to stir the political waters and strip the opposite party of a few votes. Lambert is used to manipulating people without a blink of an eye and always gets what he wants. However, during a dinner party he is provoked into a bet against his rival - Ivan Muller, who works for the heaviest favorite of the elections. The stake is approximately 7 million euros. Lambert bets all his fortune on a single horse, the unknown candidate. He swears he will transform this loser into a president, and that he will accomplish that not later than in the first round of the elections. The movie Candidate depicts what ...
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