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Annika Marks, Sharon Lawrence, Chase Mowen, Cindy Joy Goggins, Liam Springthorpe, Erin Beute, Bradley Bowen, Yvenson Camille, Brian Patrick Clarke, Elizabeth Dean, Rebeca Donovan, Steve DuMouchel, Jerry Eisinger, William Haze, Caroline Jahna
Heath Jones
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Gracie knows hangovers. She's intimately acquainted with them. But this one? Why did she wake up, half-dressed, on a Florida beach, 1100 miles from home? And this time her father - who also knows about the tragedy of addiction from his struggles with Gracie's mom - isn't going to clean things up. Suspicious and distrustful of everyone, including a café owner with a troubled history of her own, Gracie prefers the relief of alcohol - which had always worked for her. When she's arrested for public drunkenness and attacking a police officer, Gracie is given a choice: six months in jail or 90 meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous in 90 days, and she has to do it in the small town she's landed in. She's not used to strangers caring about her, but perhaps the power of community can help her sidestep the landmines lining her path to sobriety - especially the ones she's laid herself. "GRACE." compassionately looks at the disease of addiction through a young woman inching towards redemption.
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