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Benz Antoine, Alex Appel, Rosario Arce, Michelle Arvizu, Tim Blake, Raven Dauda, Stefano DiMatteo, Kristin Fairlie, Santiago Garcia, Christine Harwart, Miranda Jade, Mpho Koaho, Serge Kushnier, Janet Land, James Latkowski
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While Marty is watching over his parent's home for the weekend, his buddies talk him into hosting a poker night. However, they don't tell him that the winning prize for the game is a hooker. When the winning prize shows up early, a couple of nosy neighbors investigate. One particular neighbor, Ed, threatens to expose the boys if they don't let him in to the game. Ed's 15 year-old daughter, Sybil, who is completely head-over-heels for Marty, finds out about the game (and the prize) and does everything in her power to stop the event. To top it all off, the boys have severely underestimated the fees associated with booking "the hottest, full-service escort in the city" and must deal with the related consequences. Marty is about to discover that skill has absolutely no bearing on games of chance and in life (at least Marty's life); it seems that everything is a game of chance in which 'Lady Luck' decides your fate. Sometimes she smiles on you. Sometime she kicks you in the ass!
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