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Romario Facey, Kelvin Moore, Delano Williams, Markus Smith, Patrick F. Morgan Jr., Christina Valdes, Dorothy Bozz Garrett, Wayne Bruce, Chris Williams, Kim Beckett, Danovan Mitchell, La Shandra Whitfield, Daniel Moreno, Tabitha Strahan, Tytiana Hills
Romario Facey
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Trap Trap was filmed on location in Texas USA. This movie exposes the life people live in the hood's guns, drugs and violence's are there alternatives. This film exposes the type of things people are forced to do to survive in the ghetto . 'SOCIETY REJECTS US BUT THE SYSTEM MADE US WHO WE ARE IN THE GHETTO THERE IS NO 9-5 SO WE ALL GOT DO WHAT WE GOT TO DO TO SURVIVE". Not every one in the ghetto choices a life of crime and violence but they have kids to feed and families depending on them so selling drugs and violence's is there only source of income. The system was designed for the rich to get richer and the poor poorer. The ones who makes it out of the ghetto gets worships and praises but the ones who got left behind no one cares if they live are dies.
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