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Ernie Hudson, Jeff Fahey, Rob Stewart, Frank Zagarino, Joe Lara, Todd Jensen, Natasha Sutherland, Gideon Emery, Tshepo Nzimande, Hal Holbrook, Jacques Gombault, Franz Dobrowsky, Chris Buchanan, Hal Orlandini, Paul Ditchfield
Sam Firstenberg
IMDB Rating
Thanks to a treacherous employee, South African white supremacists storm a UN facility specializing in germ warfare and treatment. They reward their traitor by disposing of him along with everyone else inside bar one. Major Tipton who just arrived to pick up vials of a newly discovered lethal strain of Ebola virus along with its cure...not only manages to evade their strike but kills one or two members of the hit squad before destroying their chopper and pilots along with it. Undaunted by this setback the surviving extremists set out to hijack a train back to their in possession of the very same virus together with its antidote Tipton was meant to collect. Delta Force operatives, led by Captain Lang are dispatched to retrieve the vials along with South African military officer Lt. Marie Jonker, an expert on African right-wing groups like the one they are now after. Depite his needed skills in diseases Tipton is far from welcomed into aiding the team in its pursuit due to ...
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