Watch Instead of Abracadabra Online
Simon J. Berger, Jacob Nordenson, Anki Larsson, Saga Gärde, Göran Forsmark, Daniel Rudstedt
Patrik Eklund
IMDB Rating
Thomas is 25, jobless, living with his parents - trying to be a magician. He's smitten by Monika, a new neighbor who's a doctor at the hospital where they take his mom when one of his tricks goes awry. She seems out of his league, but she invites him to perform at a child's party. He begs his skeptical father to let him perform at dad's 60th birthday. Monika is in the audience. Breaking a promise to his father, Thomas attempts the trick that nearly killed his mother: swords through a box inside of which is a volunteer. With family, friends, and Monika watching, will it go well, will he make a good impression, or is too much beyond his control?
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